Content marketing is not a new concept in the world of digital marketing, but right now, it is more important than ever before. It’s no secret that SEO and high quality and unduplicated content provide opportunities to drive people towards your site.

You can also reinforce your brand position, give answer to your audience, promote your business, new products or services.

It is very regular to be worried about not getting enough interaction and/or visibility through your web/blog content.

There are no official guidelines that tell you how to get your great articles stand out but we can tell you how we will write your website SEO-friendly content or how we will SEO your existent articles. Feel free contact us!

In the case of translations, the concern for a good service depends on other factors.

Translating is not simply typing in a foreign language and using one or two translation memory tools. A professional translation process for a client involves several stages.

It is a must checking the documents before accepting the job. It is the only way to make sure that the work is within our abilities. As important as this is to get the tools and sources (reference materials, style guides, glossaries and terminology databases) ready.

It’s necessary to translate the meaning, not the words. This means we do not literal translations unless we are translating technical material. Some of the most comical translation mishaps occur when people offer literal renditions of the words in a sentence rather than its meaning.

A good translation require time in the same way as generating quality SEO-friendly content. We take our time in order to carry out a good job.

The next-to-last touch to deliver a good job is to review and proofread the text translated as the finishing touch is to meet the deadline.

Worries away, we are here to help you. Please feel free to get in touch